Watch This Balding Man Regain A Full Head Of Hair In A Matter Of Seconds

A demonstration of the hair product KeraFiber has garnered a massive amount of views since being posted online recently, and it’s easy to see why.

Simply by sprinkling natural fibers on top of a bald spot, a formerly bald man suddenly develops a full head of hair in seconds. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

According to KeraFiber’s website, the product is made with all-natural organic fibers, looks just like normal hair, and is completely rain and wind proof.

Users of KeraFiber report that “the product does exactly what it promises to do”. Another more excited user said it makes him “feel like ELVIS” when he wears it due to the boost in his confidence level.

Interestingly, the KeraFiber CEO said it is used by both men and women. Men use it too fill in bald and thinning areas, while women mainly use it to fill in thinning areas.

To try it for yourself, or to grab a bottle for a friend or a loved one to try, head over to their website.

They are currently offering a bottle free with every bottle purchased.


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